The Club

The Club

Our principles

The basis of the club is friendship and affection. Networking is selfishly motivated because it is about “useful” contacts, friendship is much more.
People are approached in networking as economic agents of the competitive society, but never for their own sake.

We are concerned with human and friendly relations in a community of solidarity among women.

Networking is “one and done,” or as one successful entrepreneur put it: “It’s where you shake someone’s hand and give them a business card. Connection building isn’t one and done…”

They are based on friendship, that is, unselfish, benevolent affection and loyalty. Mere “networking” connects people in their function as economic agents of the competitive society, but never connects people. The Red Club promotes the friendly support of women in a solidary community.

Our philosophy

It’s less about the typical and banal “networking” than about friendships. Friendships can be prescribed and challenged as a maxim – because the best philosophy is love, benevolence and affection – not philosophy – because they change people.
Philosophy and religion proclaim the “right thing”, but they do not live it. It remains theory and/or doctrine.

Education and knowledge “fizzled out” when it serves to strengthen ego. Education at best conveys the realization of knowing little…

Wisdom leads to humility, never to arrogance.

Our concern is humility towards other people, mutual “value” appreciation, instead of putting themselves above others because of supposed superiority…

Therefore, it is not a question of ego-centric business, i.e. profit maximisation, but of real relationships that are and should always be meaningful and profitable for all parties involved in a wide range of ways.

Our vision

We share an interest in the future and its meaningful design.

We know that the approaches and objectives of humanity must change if we are to create a more livable future for all people, especially the weak or vulnerable people, who are predominantly women in all societies.

We are confident that women in particular can achieve positive change through new, creative and innovative approaches.

The focus is on man, his development, his mental and mental health as well as the preservation of a livable environment in various respects.

With lectures, position alesthesis and at our meetings, we give impulses and try to implement insights.

We analyse social grievances, see them in a global context and try to achieve positive developments.

This includes comprehensive social and critical education to responsible people who do not “function” as an uncritical store of knowledge.

Our goals

Together we want to create a fairer and better world.

Women, in particular, are the “suffering” in all conflicts, whether in the family or in societies, economically or emotionally.

We want to strengthen and consolidate the position of women. We want economic equality worldwide.

We strive for independence and “gender justice”. Equality and independence of women should be fought around the world.

Women who are in leadership positions and have responsibilities help and promote women.

Women become mentors for women.

The club is committed to the implementation of fairness and justice for women and to the prevention and resolution of gender inequality.

The club participates in the realization of humanistic and ethical values through various measures and is committed to the implementation of human rights.

Our strategies

Women are the most powerful group in the world.
No party, no religious group, no ethnic group and no people consists of a larger group.

In order to use this power and strength, we need a global union with common goals.

In order to achieve these objectives, we have a Commission which will help to formulate and implement these objectives.

Contributors and interested parties are welcome!

Our activities

The club is not political, non-partisan and non-religious or religious.

It is a platform for women, offering events, events and educational events. There are mentoring programmes and further training on topics relevant to the future.

Our history

The club started in autumn 2018 as the “Red Ladies Club” in Berlin and now has the name “Red Club”.

The two brands “Red Ladies” and “Red Club” prove the development of the club, which now has more than 10,000 women in its network in Germany and Europe and is growing every day.

The club members refer to themselves as “Red Ladies”. Every day, more women see the idea of solidarity between women not only as a tool but as a basis for their cooperation.

It is and always will be a club that is exclusively open to women.