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Our club members live friendship, solidarity, empathy and tolerance; we strive for sustainable and long-term relationships.

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Welcome to the Club

We know, that women can change the world and create a new and better world – this is one of our goals and our mission.
Women face many obstacles, from prejudice to stigma to stereotypes.
We are dressed in red to be more visible and to get as much attention as possible. In this way, we empower girls and women to support one another.
We demonstrate, that women can no longer be ignored or overlooked.
This is the first step towards equality.

Our events

are important, because connections and relationships are created through closeness and positive experiences:

… You can get to know a person better in an hour at play than in a year with a conversation.

(Plato 427 – 348 BC)

Michaela Mumm-von Oldenburg (Founder)

I believe in female solidarity and that women can change the world. It is time for women to connect across all borders, to define female values and goals. More than half of people are female. For millennia, values and goals without a female element or corrective have been defined and implemented. It is time for more humanity and communication, for a world that is more feminine. Defining and creating these is a matter for women – and it is up to all women to participate in them. We are all part of making this sentence come true:

When women support each other, incredible things happen…

We live solidarity, support, empathy, tolerance, respect, zero discrimination, equality, diversity, sisterhood and political neutrality.

We’re better together!


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