Red Club

Red Club

where empathic women empower each other...because it´s time for women to become visible!

Red Club

Welcome to the Club

in which empathetic women are committed to the solidarity and support of women…

We are many princesses without queen!

Our club members

live friendship, solidarity, empathy and tolerance; we strive for sustainable and long-term connections.

Madeleine Albright says: “There is a special place in hell for women, who don’t support other women.”

Our motto is:

“There is a special place in heaven for women, who support other women.”

MIchaela Mumm of Oldenburg

Michaela Mumm-von Oldenburg  (Founder)

I believe in female solidarity and that women can change the world. It is time for women to connect across all borders, to define female values and goals. More than half of people are female. For millennia, values and goals without a female element or corrective have been defined and implemented. It is time for more humanity and communication, for a world that is more feminine. Defining and creating these is a matter for women – and it is up to all women to participate in them. We are all part of making this sentence come true:


When women support each other, incredible things happen…

We live

solidarity, support, empathy, tolerance, respect,zero discrimination, equality, diversity, sisterhood and political neutrality.

We’re better together!


Principles, philosophy and vision

Our principles

The basis of the club is friendship and affection. Networking is selfishly motivated because it is about “useful” contacts, friendship is much more…

Our philosophy

It’s less about the typical and banal “networking” than about friendships. Friendships can be prescribed and demanded as a maxim…

Our vision

We share an interest in the future and its meaningful design. We know that the solutions and the goals of humanity must change…

Goals, strategies and activities

Our goals

Together we want to create a fairer and better world. Women in particular are the “suffering” in all conflicts…

Our strategies

Women are the most powerful group in the world.
No party, no religious group, no ethnic group and no people consists of a larger group…

Our activities

The club is not political, non-partisan and non-religious or religious. It is a platform for women, offers events, events…


For us, solidarity means standing up for each other and supporting each other. No competition, no competition! Instead: “One for all, all for one…!


Support is more than support, namely active engagement. We are not only helpful” but actively helping.


Empathy does not only mean “compassion” or “pity”, but we put ourselves in the place of the other.

Tolerance and respect

We do not tolerate or accept, we respect each other! Women are very individual…
That’s what makes us!

Zero discrimination

Religion, nationality, skin color, ethnicity, income, status, title, social position are irrelevant.


We are different and yet we are all the same as before the law. We are all princesses, there is no queen.


Entrepreneurs, housewives, mothers, atheists, Christian women, Muslim women, dark or light-skinned – we love diversity and colour – we are colourful…


Friends, sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts – we share the same problems, the same themes and the realization that the chain is only as strong as its weakest link…


Our connection is neutral, it knows no political maxims or political goals, our values are human rights

Discussion Commission

Women discuss the world as it is and how it could be. A livable future planning for all people from a different perspective. What is good for humanity? What are desirable values?


How can good ideas and concepts be implemented? What and who helps make a utopia or vision a reality? Who do you involve, how do you make yourself heard and which strategy is helpful? Can old ideas survive in the future and how do you convince?

Implementation Committee

The best objectives and plans must be implemented. This is the task of the Implementation Commission. It consists of different groups of women who are actively engaged in the realization. Awareness of the strength and use of majorities.